The Mukuamu Brand empowers you to adopt the mindset of "Whatever it takes" to achieve greatness. 


I"m Israel Mukuamu, and my brand is called The Mukuamu brand. The main slogan for the Mukuamu brand is "Whatever it takes," and how I came up with the idea was when I was in high school, I always wanted to play division one football. So coming out of my junior year of high school, I had four offers. Then my family relocated to Louisiana. When I went to Louisiana, many schools stopped recruiting me. Still, I wanted to play division one football so bad that I started going on Twitter and interacting with coaches, liking their tweets, retweeting them, quoting their tweets, and DM-ing them. Some coaches wouldn't respond to me, but I kept their notifications on, so whenever they logged in on Twitter, I knew, so I kept liking their messages, replying to them, anything, whatever it took to get their attention. In the end, I ended up with multiple offers, and that's what this brand represents. Just doing whatever it takes to be successful, whether in the classroom, football, medical, or any industry. Just do "Whatever it takes" to win and succeed.

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