Ain't nobody swallowing me. A vast majority of kids play competitive sports up until college, and some end up in the pros if they are lucky. So you must take care of your body and take strength and conditioning seriously. Here are three reasons you should seek a coach for performance training.

1. Injury Prevention
The best ability is "Availability," you can't play if you are injured. Incorporating strength/resistance and conditioning training can reduce the chances of an injury.

2. Strength & Performance
When an athlete develops his/her strength, their performance develops with it. Increased strength means an increased rate of force development. Implementing more force in less time equals more explosive movements.

3. Fixing Weaknesses
Finding weaknesses in areas of performance is critical to your development as an athlete. A good coach can spot those deficiencies and offer remedies to correct them. For example, you will be surprised how bad posture and form can affect your overall performance. An experienced coach can help you fix those small things that pay huge dividends.

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